Here is a poem that explains the "LOVE" of the game!!


In hopes of a strike you play for all ten;

A spare's what you get so you try it again. 

This time a split; You're too heavy or light..

Next frame comes a blow now you're ready to fight! 

The approach is too sticky or the alleys sure run;

The ball doesn't fit you, this wood weights a ton. 

You can't hit your spot, your angles not right;

Your timing is bad, it just isn't your night. 

Your score is way down, your spirits are too.

Down goes your average but that's nothing new! 

A fill in the ninth makes life seem so merry.

Then comes the tenth;  It's a chop or a cherry. 

Thus goes this game of "Ten Pins," I'm told.

You just haven't lived  "Til you've gone out and "Bowled."