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June 21, 2014 


Averages and Honor Scores for the 2013-14 season, and the Personal Best sections have been updated



Honor Scores & Personal Best information:


I sorted through records of awards earned in BMBA competition and have all of the Honor Scores; 800ís, 300ís, 299ís 298ís (now considered 11-in-a-Row), 11-in-a-Row, 100 pins over average games, and 150 pins over average series bowled by Bismarck Mandan USBC BA Members. For the BMBA members that havenít ever bowled an honor score, I have gone through all of the awards from ABC/USBC that I have issued.


Remember, an award must have been issued to be on this list!


If you have a record of a higher game or series that you have bowled, let me know about it.

I will be happy to update your record, but I will need to know the score, date and location

(Recap sheet preferred)


I do have some records for honor scores bowled in tournaments outside of Bismarck-Mandan. These have been included in the bowlerís record.


If you have proof in your records of an honor score that I missed, didnít get, have left off, or have the wrong date or score, let me know about it.


I also have a very large list of 700ís that I have received since I became the Secretary in 1995-96


Remember, this isnít a complete list for several reasons.

1. A bowler can only earn one 700 award a year, and I have only been able to talk a few secretaries into sending me a list of multiple 700ís. The 2013-14 season is the first year that I received a complete list of 700s from the bowling centers. (553 of them)


2. For several years, anyone with an average over 210 wasnít eligible to get a 700 award.


3. Even though we do receive a few, we donít always receive notification of honor scores from other organizations or Bowling Centers holding tournaments.


Even though the Ability Application for the BMBA Hall of Fame allows you to earn points for the 700 series that you have bowled, it will be necessary to use your own records for any 700 series that I donít have on my list.



Email me at with any questions or updates